Marriott Credit Card Rewards Program Review

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Marriott Credit Card Rewards Review

Find information on the Marriott credit card rewards program.

You can review their selection of card products at their website. The Marriott company offers three credit card products that have a reward program attached to the use of the card. The variety of cards include the standard rewards card, the premier credit card and the business reward card. You can apply for one of these credit cards online. You can earn free hotel stays upon account approval as well as additional free hotel stays as you earn points from your purchases.

Some of the additional incentives include free points added to your account upon your first purchase with the appropriate card, and credits toward Elite status. Once an application has been completed, the awarding of a new account is subject to approval. It is important to read the terms and conditions to be clear on any exclusions, restrictions, limitations, terms and other stipulations that may be part of the agreement. Cardholders get exclusive cardmember benefits such as points with purchases at Marriott hotel locations and points for purchases spent at other businesses and establishments. They state that you can accumulate an unlimited number of points. If you like to travel or you travel due to business obligations, this product may be worth an look, especially if you like to stay at Marriott Hotels.


• Bonus points after first purchase

• free hotel stays

• unlimited points can be accrued

It is a good idea to read the specific details at their website, or you can call them at 800-859-3758.

Visit, for specific details on the selection of cards and how the points work.

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